Water and the "Four Big 'E's"


California has always been, and must continue to be, a trend-setter and a game-changer for the nation and world when it comes to innovative policies that solve problems and bring ever-greater benefits to citizens and communities. For all of its unique advantages in climate, in resources and in ingenuity, our state still faces long-term challenges for which we must find long-term solutions. This does not mean incremental steps cannot be taken in some cases, but a longer-term vision is imperative in moving our state forward. Finding such solutions is something I'd like to do as your representative in Sacramento.

The theme I have developed for my campaign is holistic: I call it "Water and the Four Big 'E's." I order our five most fundamental needs from the most basic to the relatively more specific, and seek to spell out to you my philosophy; where I have a plan of action, I spell that out as well.

I begin with an overview:

Water—it is the fundament of life itself, and we need more of it. Since our climate will never afford us enough rain to sustain our still burgeoning population (and we are not going anywhere), I want to find more ways to not just retain water, but to obtain more of it.

Economic Policy—it is the very philosophy by which we as a state and a society order our activities. As the main facilitator of our economic environment, government needs to strike a delicate balance, creating an environment in which businesses and individuals can freely act, while maintaining its important role as regulator and enforcer of property rights and the rules of the road. I want to support that balance with common sense policies.

Education—it is the basic knowledge that all of our children—our future work force—must attain and incorporate into their very being to have real opportunities to move forward in life. Education gives people the basic tools to evolve with an ever-evolving economy (the fastest evolving economic environment in human history). To this end, we need to support our schools with the funding and tools needed to foster a world-class society and workforce for the 21st century. In the link, I propose what I believe to be an unique and creative proposal to at least help to do this.

Energy—it is the staple upon which our economic existence and economic evolution depend. Modern society grinds to a halt without energy, in any of its varied forms. California must be the vanguard in both supplying energy to its own citizens as well as to trade partners when it is efficient to do so. And, concomitantly, California must also continue to be at the forefront of finding cleaner, better and more abundant alternative sources and forms of energy that will power the world into the future. As always, balance is the key. I believe in common sense policies through which government can facilitate such efforts, fostering positive results while not interfering in the marketplace for energy itself.

Environment—it is literally the state of the state in which we live, and a priority we must ALWAYS balance with our economic and energy goals. From air quality to conservation to preservation, California has been and must continue to be a world leader. Stewardship of our environment is important; each environmental challenge we face is unique. My goal is to work with all involved and interested parties from environmental issue to issue to find common ground. We must always recognize that California's environment is a direct reflection of our quality of life. Our environment defines California; we must recognize and heed its importance.

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